How to submit your evidence to us.

Go to the MY ACCOUNT section on the website, you’ll find all your order details in here.

Next, go to the SUBMIT YOUR EVIDENCE tab, find the virtual event you would like to submit evidence for.

Then, enter your distance and upload a screenshot from any fitness tracker app e.g. Map My Run, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Strava or even a diary, notebook or our Challenge tracker. Then press save for each entry.

You can submit your evidence in partial amounts over a few days or weeks or all in one go, when the target distance is reached for your event, you’ll see a button appear to submit all the evidence you have saved.

When you are happy with all your evidence, hit the ‘Submit All Evidence button’ it then comes to us for approval.

….and that’s it, SIMPLE!

But if you do have any problems, don’t worry you can simply email your complete evidence in to us when you finish your challenge! the email for this is – keep track of your distance with our handy Challenge Trackers HERE.